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Validate Your Business Ideas Centered Around Your Passion | Kingsley Grant | Flight TML177

Validate Your Business Ideas Centered Around Your Passion | Kingsley Grant | Flight TML177

by kingsleyogrant@gmail.com
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Making sure that you validate your business ideas is one of the most important action steps you’ll ever take in the process of building a sideline Kingsley Grantbusiness or a lifestyle business.

Getting this wrong or missing the mark on this, can mean the difference between having a successful business or a failed business.

One of the ways that I’ve found to be helpful in doing this is getting feedback from people that you trust.

Secondly after discovering your passion and who it is you are focused on as your ideal client, as outlined in Episode TML176, this was the next step. Your ideal client can give you the feedback necessary for validation.

Thirdly, are there others doing what it is you want to do? Are there books written on the subject? Even though this seems like you’ll be in competition, this is good because it tells you there is a market for the idea.

Your job is to differentiate yourself from the pack. You have to stand out like Starbucks have done in the coffee industry.

Here are some of the other points made in this episode:

1. Practice your passion for FREE

Find clients who will give you the chance to do that. Keep this in mind so that you don’t confuse your working with practicing.

2. Work for FEE

Once you have had time to practice, make sure you charge for your service and the expertise you have developed. You do not work for FREE. Keep that in mind.

3. Find a way to SCALE your work

You don’t want to end up trading a J.O.B for another J.O.B. Look for ways to scale your work so you can make more by doing less. You trying to avoid exchanging hours for dollars.

These are just a few of the ideas shared in this episode. I will be changing the word episode to flight starting in episode 180. This will fit with the launching idea of the podcast.

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